nicole kenney | graphic designer and illustrator

Young Nicole grew up in Atlanta, the capital of the American deep South. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BFA in design and psychology, snarly hair, and a plane ticket to New York City. After working in NYC for a year and a half, she was offered a grant to become part of FABRICA’s visual communications department in March 2005 in Italy. She spent 14 months in that program, creating graphics and illustrations with a psychological flair. Nicole is now back stateside, living in Brooklyn and freelancing illustration, graphic design and web design. Future plans include riding her bicycle around the world.

freelance illustrator, print and web designer | various clients | june 2003–present responsible for illustration, print, and web design services for clients ranging from individuals to small businesses to large corporations. Select client list: timeout new york and chicago, louisboston, waterworks, and edelman. Grantholder | fabrica | | treviso, italy | march 2005–may 2006 after a tough selection process where roughly 7% of all applicants are accepted, fabrica invites
artists under 25 years of age from around the world to participate in this prestigious program for one year. responsibilities include graphic design and illustration for personal projects, workshops,
and commercial projects, frequently socially-conscious in nature. Select client list: world health organization, world p.r. festival, internazionale magazine, and vespa.

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Perso, j’aime beaucoup découvrir des artistes au détour de mes voyages sur les sites. Ici l’origine de cette découverte vient du blog de Fabrica. Je vous laisse le loisir d’aller y chiner d’excellentes testimonials d’expériences de graphistes, pour la plupart jeunes ou un peu moins. On ne parlera jamais assez de l’Italie. C’est sûr.

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