Nate Williams, un illustre illustrateur qui vit en Argentine


After working as a web designer and an art director for 9 years Nate decided to pursue illustration full-time. His work has appeared in magazines, advertising, publishing, music, fashion, textiles, home decor, posters and newspapers. He currently lives in Buenos Aires with his wife, son and dog.

Commision Work


Partial Clients

Converse Shoes, V2 Records, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Complex Magazine, Egreetings, Getty Images, MetaLeap Design, Microsoft, MSN, The Village Voice, Paste Magazine, Pearl Jam, Seventeen Magazine, Slate Online Magazine, Tokion Magazine, United Airlines, Utah Symphony , Wieden and Kennedy, Xbox, Brown University, HarperCollins Publishers Inc., Cricket Magazine, Utne Reader Magazine


Society of Illustrators 49th Annual
American Illustration Annual 24, 25
Communication Arts Illustration Annual 46, 48
Featured on (Sept 06)
Featured in How Magazine (Oct 06)
Featured in Jpeople (Spring 06)
Featured in Blk/MRKT Gallery One Book
Featured in Japanese Design Site CBCNET (Sept 05)

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moi? j’adore! et vous?

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  1. malkie dit :

    j’aime ENORMEMENT ! j’admire les artistes capables de faire rêver ainsi ..